Pipe Bursting Pipeline Replacement

Johnson Service Co. has been performing pipe bursting since 1999. Pipe bursting is a “less trench” technology used to replace aging sewers and water mains with minimal excavation. If your sewer or water main is under paving or close to other utilities, then pipe bursting can save you money. When compared to sewer liners, the advantages of pipe bursting are its ability to upsize the existing pipe diameter and the fact that you are completely replacing the sewer or water main with a new pipe. Pipe bursting is divided into two types; pneumatic and static.

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting:
Pneumatic bursting uses an air powered bursting tool that jackhammers its way through the existing pipe. The tool is attached to a winch that is located at the downstream manhole. The winch provides the force to keep the tool on line and moving forward. As the tool fractures the host pipe the fragments are forced into the surrounding soil while a new high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is pulled in at the same time. After the bursting is complete, small excavations are made at the service connections to connect them to the main.

Static Pipe Bursting:
Static bursting involves the same process without the air and percussion action. Instead, brute force is used to pull the bursting head through the host pipe. Static bursting is the only method available to burst ductile iron pipes since the bursting head can be fitted with rolling blades that cut the ductile iron before splitting it. We can also static burst water mains using pre-chlorinated HDPE pipe so water service to your customers is only shut down for a few hours.

Pipe Bursting Equipment by TT Technologies