CIPP - Cured in Place Pipe Lining
100 Year Design Life

CIPP is the most popular type of sewer repair system due to its low cost and trenchless installation. We can install a liner from manhole to manhole to restore its structural integrity, limit root intrusion, and restrict groundwater infiltration.

The fifty year old process has been used to rehabilitate over 25,000 miles of damaged sewer worldwide with the use of a resin-impregnated felt liner known as the Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP) Lining. 

The CIPP liner is inverted into the existing sewer through an air inversion machine at the upstream manhole. The liner is stored in a refrigerated truck to keep the resin from hardening. Once it is in place, it is cured using hot water or steam. Service laterals can be reinstated internally using  robotically controlled cutters and cameras. Compared to open trench replacement methods, this is a significantly less intrusive and more cost-effective solution for installing a new pipe with a 100-year design life.